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Transform your ADHD Workflow.

An app designed from the ground up for the unique way your ADHD brain works.MyndMap - the AI-powered productivity platform reimagining task and time management for neurodivergent minds.

One Hub for your Productivity Needs.

MyndMap integrates your tasks, calendar, timer and notes into one beautifully designed and easy-to-use interface. Color coding and priority levels provide an instant snapshot of your day, empowering you to focus your energy on what matters most.

Intuitive Task Management.

Effortlessly organize your to-dos with MyndMap's sleek, user-friendly interface. Color-coded priority levels provide an instant snapshot of your day, empowering you to tackle what matters most.

Seamless Calendar Integration.

MyndMap seamlessly syncs with your existing calendar, ensuring you never miss a beat. Easily view, schedule, and manage your appointments all in one place.

Built-In Timer and Notes.

Stay focused and on track with MyndMap's built-in timer and distraction-free notes. Jot down ideas, track your progress, and optimize your workflow - all within the app.

Personalized Insights.

MyndMap's cutting-edge AI analyzes your unique productivity patterns and provides tailored suggestions to help you build better habits and get more done in less time.

Backed by Science, Driven by Passion.

When you use MyndMap, you're not just investing in a productivity tool - you're joining a community of neurodivergent go-getters who refuse to be held back by their ADHD. Whether you're a student, professional, or simply someone looking to make the most of every day, MyndMap is here to support you on your journey to success.

  • Research-backed design

  • Built by ADHDers, For ADHDers

  • Extensive development process

"MyndMap has significantly improved my workflow and helped me maintain a healthy work-life balance. "

"Its intuitive, minimalist design makes for a highly enjoyable user experience."

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