A stylized side profile of a human head in black, with a white brain occupying the upper portion of the head. Next to the profile, the text "MyndMap" is written in large, bold, black uppercase letters.

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current version: 1.0.0 (Released 10/01/2024)

AI-Driven Productivity, for ADHD Minds.

Transform scattered thoughts into streamlined action. MyndMap centralizes your focus, harnessing AI to enhance your daily efficiency.

Smartphone displaying a login screen for 'MyndMap' with a monochrome illustration of a man in thought, holding the leash of a sitting dog. Below the illustration is the slogan 'Unleash Your Focus.' The screen shows an option to 'Continue with Apple' along

Clean, Simple Interface.

Simplify your digital space and zero in on what matters. MyndMap filters through the noise, presenting only what’s essential to your workflow—empowering you to stay on task and on track with your daily objectives.

Smartphone displaying a minimalist to-do app interface with 'Sunday' at the top, a circular plus sign button at the bottom, and the number '61' indicating user level.
Smartphone displaying a task management app interface with the header 'Monday' and the number '111' indicating user level. A pop-up window titled 'Add a New Task' shows an input field with the text 'Clean my room', priority level options 'Low', 'Medium', a

Create Tasks with Ease.

Our innovative algorithm processes these inputs, ensuring that your tasks are not just organized but prioritized intelligently. It's not just about managing tasks; it's about mastering your efficiency journey.

Personalize your Experience.

Drawing on the principles of Cognitive Restructuring and others, your unique MyndMap Score shapes a personalized experience. It finely tunes everything from notification alerts to task suggestions, ensuring the software synchronizes seamlessly with your cognitive rhythm.

Smartphone displaying a simple survey interface with the question 'Do I often act without thinking?' and two response options below: 'Yes' and 'No'.

Unleash Your Focus.

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